People owe me money.

18 12 2008

That’s not a good thing. In fact, it’s a very bad thing.

My wise young friend Playboy Tre once tweeted “If you sit’n round waitin on checks, u waitin to FAIL.” Now I’m not sayin I’m sittin around waitin for the money…but you do owe me. So don’t think that with ALL OF THIS TIME that has passed that you won’t still owe me.

It all comes down to the principal of the situation. The understanding that work would be done in exchange for loot. Simple. So, the work was done (on an ongoing basis) and suddenly the well has run dry? Eff that!

Now because you owe me money, I owe people money. That’s so out of character for me. Now you’re messing with my character? That’s worse than owing me money!

So we all know my thing…”I ain’t no gangsta but don’t push me.” Okay, lets not get hasty; you’re probably all WAY more gangsta than me. Maybe THAT’S why you think this type of business is acceptable. But it’s not. So please, pay me. I’d hate for things to get uglier than what they are. (No, it’s not a threat. Yet.)

This is my PSA to my past, present, & future associates in this thing we call “The Industry”: If you say you’re going to pay someone – DO IT!




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