The Ultimate Year’s End!

1 01 2009

This article was taken from but I was an able to link back to it directly because everything on that site requires a log in. Anyway, credit goes to Dave Robbins for an awesome article!!! Enjoy!

The Ultimate Year’s End!

I am actually more excited about this year end and the coming year of 2009 than I have been in a very long time, for many, many years.

Why? Because this coming year will be particularly difficult, exciting and interesting. The stock market, having taken the biggest drop since the Great Depression, a brand new President, and it seems like every day you turn on the TV and someone is talking about the latest “Crisis.”

The cable is full of TOXIC ASSETS talk; they are now getting good about the graphics, in all caps they shout “THE ECONOMIC CRISIS” while the dramatic music plays and the frowning commentators come on and tell us that we are in deep trouble. Housing prices are at new lows, things are worse than the 1930s, there is no credit, on and on.

I really get a big kick out of all this negative “doom and gloom” talk. We can all see that things have gone backward from where they WERE earlier this year or last year or the early 2000s. You’d have to be completely out of touch to not see that. But all of this is not what is important. What is important is your REACTION to it. What are you seeing, feeling, doing about this?


Two words that I have invented, for you to use as much as you can! We are in a period of uncertainty right now. Who said uncertainty and contraction are BAD things? There needs to be UNCERTAINTY and CONTRACTION in order to have CERTAINTY and EXPANSION. You have to have rain to appreciate sunshine, cold weather to appreciate warm weather, and black and white in order to appreciate color. Then why do we attach BAD to uncertainty and contraction? We should attach GOOD to uncertainty and contraction, and make the most of it – turn uncertainty and contraction into an OPPORTUNITY.

While you are in a period of uncertainty, you can choose to AWFULIZE by dwelling on how awful everything is, how bad things are and that Armageddon is straight ahead, going along with the “doom and gloom” crowd. Or, you can choose to OPPORTUNIZE and make the most of the year that is about to start because you are smarter than the Doom and Gloomers. Are you smarter than them? Can you help them get through this with certainty?

Let me assure you, your competition is probably in the AWFULIZE mode, so you will literally be able to walk in and seize opportunity. They won’t be looking for you; they are too worried about what has happened to them in 2008, how bad it’s going to get in 2009, crying about their LOSSES, adding up future losses, and not focused to win. They are concerned with what will happen to them this coming new year. They are paralyzed by FEAR. But as a Success Tips junkie, you know what F.E.A.R. really is – it’s False Evidence Appearing Real. The Doom and Gloomers have bought the false evidence; they think it’s real! You, on the other hand, can now use all of this as a fantastic time of career opportunity.

I am not suggesting you put on rose-colored glasses and think that everything will be fine. Because Universal Law states that left to its own devices, everything DETERIORATES. That means your career will deteriorate as well if you do nothing. It requires care, feeding, good brain food to flourish. Otherwise, it just dies, like that plant you forgot to water for three months.

The mere fact of the INSTABILITY and FEAR by those who are “awfulizing” the coming 2009 creates so much opportunity that it just screams out loud at us! What better time than NOW to develop something that will create a positive influence on a client’s business, a listener’s life, a business deal that helps all involved. There are so many good things to be accomplished — and the field is WIDE OPEN, because everyone has been scared off the field by the False Evidence being spread!


It is always the darkest before dawn, and many would say we are in the “darkest” period in a generation right now. It could get worse, it could get better, yet either way, it doesn’t matter. It does not matter how “dark” or how “light” it is. Anyone can feel good in an “up” market. But how many have the discipline to focus and make something happen in a “down” market? Very few. This is why you are valuable. You will be the rare individual who sees OPPORTUNITY rather than FEAR in 2009.

What matters is not what is going on, but how you choose to DEAL with what is going on. Remember, it’s never about what “happens” to you, it’s about how you PROCESS what happens to you that makes the biggest difference in your life and your future. Figure out how you will use this period in time to your advantage. There is so much opportunity in so many ways right now and so few competitors doing anything because they are paralyzed.

How can you develop something positive out of a negative situation? In what ways can you be an ANSWER rather than a PROBLEM for your company, your boss, you co-worker, your family, your friend, someone? Think about this long and hard. Your future depends upon it. Step up and make something happen!


No matter how tough it gets, one year from today, you will look back and realize that yes, this year was tough, and yes, you are better off because of it. Going through difficult periods is what the human experience is all about. We learn, and we grow from contraction just as much as we learn and grow from expansion – even more so.

The time is upon you. Your biggest opportunity year — possibly of your entire life — is here and it is called 2009. What are you going to do with it? Spend it creating something fantastic in an opportunity mindset, or spend it wallowing around with the Doom and Gloomers while you become an expert at awfulizing?

Your choice.


Dave Robbins Bio:
Dave Robbins is a true radio veteran, having traversed America in positions ranging from On Air personality to Program Director, Group/National Program Director, and General Manager.
Throughout his career, Robbins, who combines the historical teachings of great military masters and success coaches to create unparalleled accomplishment in team members, has always stood by the philosophy “you win with people.”
A recipient of numerous industry awards, Robbins was named to a list of the forty most influential people under age 40 in Business First magazine. Robbins, along with his wife Patti and son Daniel, currently resides in Chicago, IL, where he was recently named VP/GM WCFS & WUSN.
You can reach him via email at




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