Another random Saturday night.

29 12 2008

Last night I met up with my new friend Shay (whom I had only known via Twitter for about a month), and we hit the streets of The A. “Where will we find single, attractive, STRAIGHT men in Atlanta?” After long debate over visiting Ambiance, Verve, Esso, or a Playdate Atlanta event (no homo); we opted to go visit my friend Ernesto who throws the Saturday Night parties at Verve. As always, Ernesto took care of my company & I. Verve is cool. The DJ was cool. The fellas…lame. There was a disturbing array of sweater vest/button down combos, stunner shades, and scrubs with hoodies/baseball caps. Not to mention WAY too many chicks.

Abort mission.

So the homie Kaos all day was talkin bout how Loca Luna is where it’s at on Saturday nights. Chill atmosphere, Salsa music, and award winning Mojitos? I’m there! Meet up with my boys Kaos & Trav (who are already one drink in) and we get it poppin! Shay’s new name is Cleveland from this moment forward. Mojitos are flowin. The live band is rockin. People are dancin. Good times. A couple drinks in and it’s time to pretend like we all know how to Salsa dance. LOL! The cool thing about Loca Luna is that it’s not pretentious. Everybody is there (from amateurs to experts) just to have a good time.

**Cue music for dance battle**

I’m not sure how it all started but once the dj was playin Reggaeton it was a wrap!! Full on, old school dance battle, girls vs guys. Kaos & Trav almost had us with the robot but they were no match for the classic Kid & Play routine. Winners = Mo & Cleveland!! The crew at Loca LunaIt was ridiculously hot in there. Next time I will dress more appropriately. But wait, it’s only 2am? Off to the next destination…

After a quick wardrobe change we met back up with the guys at Cenci. The party was almost over 😦 I missed the entire SMKA crew. Got one dance in. Dodged some lames. Off to the next destination…

3am. Where else is there to go other than R. Thomas?! WTF do you mean you’re out of guacamole? Dammit. My night is ruined! Lol! The other three kids had no problem eating full meals. I had water. I was being a brat.

Part ways. I get home. Kaos & Trav get lost going home. Cleveland makes it back to The Roc.

I eat a slice of wheat bread. Go to bed. (Make sure the drunkards finally made it home). Go to sleep.


Caught up in the rapture.

24 12 2008

One of my favorite songs has since become one of my favorite phrases.

This is what happens when I start dating someone new. I become smitten. Giddy even. Everything is so right.

“Nothing else can compare, when I feel the magic of you. The feeling’s always new.”

And then…something goes wrong. Lol! My how quickly they fall from grace.

People owe me money.

18 12 2008

That’s not a good thing. In fact, it’s a very bad thing.

My wise young friend Playboy Tre once tweeted “If you sit’n round waitin on checks, u waitin to FAIL.” Now I’m not sayin I’m sittin around waitin for the money…but you do owe me. So don’t think that with ALL OF THIS TIME that has passed that you won’t still owe me.

It all comes down to the principal of the situation. The understanding that work would be done in exchange for loot. Simple. So, the work was done (on an ongoing basis) and suddenly the well has run dry? Eff that!

Now because you owe me money, I owe people money. That’s so out of character for me. Now you’re messing with my character? That’s worse than owing me money!

So we all know my thing…”I ain’t no gangsta but don’t push me.” Okay, lets not get hasty; you’re probably all WAY more gangsta than me. Maybe THAT’S why you think this type of business is acceptable. But it’s not. So please, pay me. I’d hate for things to get uglier than what they are. (No, it’s not a threat. Yet.)

This is my PSA to my past, present, & future associates in this thing we call “The Industry”: If you say you’re going to pay someone – DO IT!

I say the new year starts on your birthday…not January 1st!

26 11 2008
Fresh faced & fabulous in the early morning. What can I say?

Fresh faced & fabulous in the morning. What can I say?

Here I am again. Another year older. I’ve had my moments of reflection and now it’s time to get on with the show! Happy New Year!